LinkSys Default Password

LinkSys Default Password

It is very easy to forget a password in our information age as probably everyone has tons of passwords. Not wanting to remember all passwords, some people leave their home wireless routers set to the default factory settings. But even with that setting, it is easy to "forget" oneself out of a router.

On older LinkSys routers, the default username is blank and the default LinkSys password is admin.

Newer LinkSys routers have both the default username and the default password set to admin.

Forgotten LinkSys password

In case you have forgotten your LinkSys router password, the world is not over yet. You can reset your router to the factory default settings.

This can be done by holding the reset button usually located on the belly of on the unit for some 30 seconds. This will reset the router to the factory default settings.

Word of caution

Once the router is hard reset by pressing the reset button, the router will need to be reconfigured again. This erases all user settings.

How to configure a modem/router

To reconfigure the router, connect the router with your computer via an Ethernet cable.

Start a web browser, and go to the URL

In case the 192.168... page does not work, it is possible that your default gateway has been reconfigured. In that case go to

 Start menu -> Run -> type cmd. Type ipconfig /all and hit ENTER.

See what your Default Gateway is set to. That is the address you need to connect to.

You will have to enter the default username and password to login to the router.

LinkSys Default Password does not work

In case tips provided on this LinkSys Default Password page do not help, you might want to ask for more help in our discussion forum.

More useful tips besides the LinkSys default password?

You might find the following guides helpful.

Snap-in failed to initialize
Disable autorun / autoplay
Enable Ctrl+Alt+Delete logon screen

The Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator article provides some useful information too.


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