RGB color picker

RGB color picker

RGB color picker (also called RGB color mixer) is a very useful tool that allows you to pick, or better said "to mix", RGB colors to obtain desired color from the RGB scheme. You enter decimal or hexadecimal values for red, green, blue and the result is a RGB color.

The RGB color picker provided below is handy for anyone working with colors such as web masters or graphic artists or designers.

RGB color picker

The RGB color picker is easy to use. You can start with clicking the RGB color map at the bottom of the RGB color picker. You click the RGB color square in the RGB color map, and the RGB color will show up in the background of this page.

RGB Channel




If you wish to mix a RGB color, enter a hexadecimal number (00 through FF) in each of the hexadecimal boxes above. You can also specify your color by entering a decimal number (0 through 255) in each of the decimal boxes above. Then click the respective Display button to convert the values and display the color in the background.

Hexadecimal: #
Pick color by name:

You can display RGB colors by entering a hexadecimal string (000000 through FFFFFF) in the box above. Clicking the Display button will convert your hexadecimal string to decimals and also display the color in the background. Alternatively, you can also click a color on the grid below.

RGB color mixer

In case you need a tool for converting between hex and dec without the RGB colors functionality, see the next RGB color picker section.

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Should you have any questions or suggestions in regards to the RGB color picker, you are welcome to ask in our discussion forum.


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