Outlook: reuse windows for hyperlinks

Outlook: reuse windows for hyperlinks

This page describes how to set up MS Outlook so that when you click on a link within an email, it opens up a new Explorer browser window for each link that you open. In other words how to reuse windows for hyperlinks or how to open each link in a new window.

When you receive email with a link to some website, Windows allows you to just click the link to go to the website without the need to copy the link and manually paste into your browser's address bar. This is very useful but can be painful when each link you click opens in the same window. This is called reusing active window.

Many users find this rather painful; they often prefer each link being opened in a new window leaving the other already opened windows intact.

How do I prevent reusing active windows for links in email?

If you wish to change the setting so that new links are either opened in a new window or the other way around, you can do so in the Options screen. Open your Internet Explorer and go to

-> Tools
-> Internet Options
-> Advanced
-> Reuse windows for launching shortcuts

See the screen below.

Internet Explorer reuse windows for launching shortcuts

If you click two links from your email now, each should open the target website in its own browser window.

Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer Tabbed Browsing

If Mozilla Firefox is set as your default browser, clicking a hyperlink in an Outlook 2003 email message will open the link in the active window or tab.

This can be fixed by changing the Firefox settings. You have to change Firefox to "open a new window" instead of a new tab. Go to Tools -> Options and select the A new window setting. See the picture below.

Mozilla Firefox open window or tab - tabbed browsing

The same applies to Microsoft Internet Explorer, tabbed browsing needs to be switched off as well.

Internet Explorer Tabbed Browsing

Make sure the checkbox is unchecked.

Reuse windows for launching shortcuts in Windows Registry

Selecting the Reuse windows for launching shortcuts setting sets the following value in the registry to 1:

Key Name:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Value Name:


That is all.

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