ASCII table

ASCII table

ASCII is a standard for character encoding used by computers and communications equipment to represent text. ASCII is short for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. You can find the ASCII table below.

Computers can only understand numbers, so a code ASCII is the numerical representation of a character such as M or 8 or $ or an action of some sort. ASCII uses a single byte to represent each character. A byte is generally the smallest addressable unit of data on a computer. It is a continuous sequence of eight bits, that is zeros or ones.

This means that one byte could represent any of 256 characters ranging in binary notation from 00000000 to 11111111. Eight bits allows 256 combinations of zeros and ones.

ASCII table

This following ASCII table lists the ASCII characters and their decimal, octal and hexadecimal numbers.

Below you can find the 128 standard character encodings in US-ASCII, which is the original and most basic version of ASCII. Each of these numbers in the ASCII table is a seven digit binary number between 00000000 and 01111111. The eighth bit (the left-most bit) was originally reserved for use as a parity bit.

The first 32 ASCII codes in the ASCII table below (zero through 31 in decimal notation, or 00000000 through 00011111 in binary) are reserved and are called control characters. These are non-printing ASCII characters. They were originally intended to control devices, most importantly printers. These characters appear in the most left column. The ASCII non-printing characters are rarely used for their original purpose these days.

null byte000000x00|space3200400x20|@6401000x40|`9601400x60
start of heading100010x01|!3300410x21|A6501010x41|a9701410x61
start of text200020x02|"3400420x22|B6601020x42|b9801420x62
end of text300030x03|#3500430x23|C6701030x43|c9901430x63
end of transmission400040x04|$3600440x24|D6801040x44|d10001440x64
bell character700070x07|'3900470x27|G7101070x47|g10301470x67
backspace 800100x08|(4000500x28|H7201100x48|h10401500x68
horizontal tab900110x09|)4100510x29|I7301110x49|i10501510x69
newline 1000120x0a|*4200520x2a|J7401120x4a|j10601520x6a
vertical tab1100130x0b|+4300530x2b|K7501130x4b|k10701530x6b
formfeed 1200140x0c|,4400540x2c|L7601140x4c|l10801540x6c
carriage return1300150x0d|-4500550x2d|M7701150x4d|m10901550x6d
shift out1400160x0e|.4600560x2e|N7801160x4e|n11001560x6e
shift in1500170x0f|/4700570x2f|O7901170x4f|o11101570x6f
data link escape1600200x10|04800600x30|P8001200x50|p11201600x70
device control 11700210x11|14900610x31|Q8101210x51|q11301610x71
device control 21800220x12|25000620x32|R8201220x52|r11401620x72
device control 31900230x13|35100630x33|S8301230x53|s11501630x73
device control 42000240x14|45200640x34|T8401240x54|t11601640x74
negative acknowledge2100250x15|55300650x35|U8501250x55|u11701650x75
synchronous idle2200260x16|65400660x36|V8601260x56|v11801660x76
end of trans block2300270x17|75500670x37|W8701270x57|w11901670x77
end of medium2500310x19|95700710x39|Y8901310x59|y12101710x79
escape 2700330x1b|;5900730x3b|[9101330x5b|{12301730x7b
file separator2800340x1c|<6000740x3c|\9201340x5c||12401740x7c
group separator2900350x1d|=6100750x3d|]9301350x5d|}12501750x7d
record separator3000360x1e|>6200760x3e|^9401360x5e|~12601760x7e
unit separator3100370x1f|?6300770x3f|_9501370x5f|delete12701770x7f


Note that lower and upper case characters are understood by the computer differently.

Tools related to the ASCII table

You can see that every character in the ASCII table is expressed using a decimal and hexadecimal (hex) number. The following tools can help you when converting between decimal, hexadecimal, and ASCII.

ASCII to hex converter
Dec to hex converter
Hex to decimal converter

We suggest you also take a look at our another article and detailed explanation of code ASCII.

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