Decimal to binary converter

Decimal to binary converter

This decimal to binary converter (or short dec to binary converter) can be used as the name of the page suggests to convert any decimal number to its binary representation. This decimal to binary converter works the other way around as well -- you can use it to convert from binary to decimal.

This decimal to binary converter is useful especially to networking architects, administrators, and specialists who often need to convert between decimal and binary when working with their network topology.

Decimal to binary converter

When using this decimal to binary converter, enter the

To convert decimal to binary, you are welcome to use our decimal to binary converter. The decimal to binary converter on this page works based on a simple JavaScript both ways. You can enter a decimal number, then hit TAB or click with your mouse somewhere outside the box, and the binary number will be displayed by the checkboxes.

This decimal to binary converter also works the other way around. You can click the checkboxes, and the decimal value will show up automatically in the input box.

Enter decimal (Dec) and hit TAB or click outside the box:

(Note, numbers between Dec 0 and Dec 255 may be converted.)

One byte of binary (8 bits):

Decimal:   128 64 32 16   8 4 2 1
   2   2   2   2     2   2   2   2 

Nice decimal to binary converter, isn't it? This decimal to binary converter works in reverse order as well. To convert from binary to decimal, click the small check boxes.

Extended decimal to binary converter

If you want to convert numbers beyond one byte but smaller than three bytes, feel free to take a look at our hex to decimal converter. Although this converter is named hex to decimal, it provides three way conversions -- decimal to binary and to hexadecimal. The page with the hex to decimal converter provides conversion tables as well as detailed explanation of how the conversion works.

Decimal to binary converter

If you need to convert very large decimal numbers, you might want to take a look at our dec to hex converter which includes extended capabilities and also explanation how the math behind the conversion works. Again, our article with the dec to hex converter provides not only the converter itself but also detailed explanation of the logic behind the converter.

Decimal to binary converter and colors

Did you know that both decimal and binary numbers can be converted into colors? Yes, they can. Every color consists of three basic colors: red, green, and blue. And, each tone of red, green, or blue can be expressed as a decimal number. If you mix three decimal numbers together, you will get a color. You can experiment with this using our RGB color picker.

Other converters

In addition to the dec to binary converter, you are welcome to try out the following tools:

ASCII to hex converter  (code ASCII)
Word letter mixer
Dec to hex converter
Hex to decimal converter
RGB color picker

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