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Download Macchanger

Macchanger is a Linux utility developed by Alvaro Lopez Ortega for viewing/manipulating the MAC addresses of network interfaces. Macchanger, or also by its official name MAC Changer, is an open source GNU/Linux utility. It is very easy to use and handy to anyone who needs to do analysis, testing, or other activities with network adapters.


Download Macshift

Macshift is a free and open-source tool to change the MAC address of any network adapter under Windows 2k/XP/Vista. It has a simple scriptable commandline interface. Macshift is very easy to use.


Download NetStumbler

Netstumbler is a very nice Windows-based tool for finding open wireless access points (this is also called "war driving"). NetStumbler is a Windows tool that allows you to discover 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g wireless LANs. It includes GPS integration and a simple, intuitive user interface. Though primarily targeted at owners of wireless LANs, it has been the de facto tool for casual users such as "war drivers" since 2001.


Windows Server 2008

You can download evaluation copy of the Windows Server 2008 operating system for free from the Microsoft website.

This install does not require product activation or a product key. The installation package available at the Microsoft website is an evaluation copy. Any edition of Windows Server 2008 may be installed without activation and evaluated for an initial 60 days.


Resource Hacker

Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res).

Have you ever been wondering how to see the content of an EXE file?


K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. In general, codecs are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and video.

Codec is short for Compressor-decompressor.


Snag It

SnagIt is a tool that lets the user to capture, edit, and share exactly what is shown on the screen.

Images communicate better than words alone, and many times it is easier  to explain yourself with a screen capture. SnagIt allows to share a screen capture in just one click.



PSPad is a freeware programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can be used as a mere text editor, but it provides many features especially suited for programmers.


Apache Web Server

Apache, more precisely the Apache HTTP Server, is an open-source web server developed for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows.

It has played a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. Since April 1996 Apache has been the most popular HTTP server on the web. It has lost its position mainly to the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) since March 2006 and to the .NET platform used by some large blog providers, but it still serves roughly around 50% servers worldwide.



MySQL-Front, now ofiically called SQL-Front, is a front-end interface for the popular MySQL database. It allows the user to manage and administer databases from an easy to use Windows interface, rather than via the command line.