Address change - how to notify IRS (federal taxes)

Address change - how to notify IRS (federal taxes)

You have to notify the Internal Revenue Service IRS if you move, if either your home or business address changes. Notify the IRS in these cases to ensure that you receive any refunds or correspondence.

Keeping your address information current with the IRS is important so that you receive tax refunds. Know that some post offices are not allowed to forward government checks. Even if you do not expect to receive a tax refund you should still keep your address current with IRS and notify them of any address change. There are many things you can avoid in your life, but tax duties is not one of them.

How do I notify IRS about my address change?

There are several ways of how you can notify Internal Revenue Service IRS when you move about your address change.

Mailing label...

Correct the address legibly on the mailing label that comes with your tax package.

When you file your tax return...

You can also write the new address in the appropriate boxes on your federal tax return when you file.

Form 8822 Change of Address...

Get Form 8822 Change of Address. You can use this form to submit an address or name change at any time during the year.

Write a letter...

If you really like to write letters, you can also send a written notification to IRS about your address change. In this case write to the IRS center where you file your return and provide your new address. The addresses for the IRS centers where you send your letter to are listed in the tax instructions (for example instructions for form 1040).

I heard that post office notifies IRS for me?

Yes, it is true that when you move, the U.S. Postal Service provides the IRS with change of address updates. They provide them with reports weekly. Your old Postal Service notifies IRS assuming you request mail forwarding.

However, even though the IRS uses the Postal Service’s change of address files to update taxpayer addresses, notifying the IRS directly is still a good idea. If you submit your address change notification to IRS via their own form and their own process, any room for error should be eliminated. Downloading the form from the IRS website, filling it out, printing it out and mailing it does not take more than 15 minutes. It is a very small price for the benefit of certainty.

What do I need to send to IRS for my address change?

In order to process your address change, the IRS will need the following information:

  • full name,
  • old address,
  • new addresses,
  • social security number or employer identification number,
  • signature

Do not forget to sign and date your correspondence.

Address change for married

If you filed a joint return, and you need to change your address for the federal taxes purposes, you should provide IRS the same information for both spouses.

In case you filed a joint return and have since established separate residences since then, both you and your spouse should notify the IRS of your new addresses.

Where can I download form 8822 Change of Address?

You can download the Change of Address IRS Form 8822 at the IRS Web site This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get the form.

If you do not have access to Internet, you can also order the Form 8822 by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).

Note, make sure you go to the GOV IRS website. There are many other websites with .com, .net, .org or other domain endings that try to look like the official government website. The address of the official IRS governmental web site is

What else should I do after I move?

If you change your address after filing your return, you should also notify your post office at your old residence so that your mail from your old address can be forwarded.

After you move and change your address, you should also notify your employer of your new address so that you can get your W-2 forms on time.

It is also important to notify your state government in regards to your state taxes.

I have more questions

You can submit questions in our tax discussion forum. Do not forget to check our checklist for error-free tax return.


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