Excel 2003 TOOLS menu commands in Excel 2007

Excel 2003 TOOLS menu commands in Excel 2007

Have you been thinking about where all the nice menu items that you used in Excel 2003 are now when you launch Excel 2007? It is right, Microsoft did some job reorganizing everything.

Know that even though it does not look like so at a first glance, everything that used to be in Excel 2003 still is in Excel 2007. It is just at different places and named differently in some cases.

Things can be hard to find at first, but after a few days of using the Excel 2007, it is easy to get used to them. We did some work in this area and found how Office 2003 menus translate into Office 2007 menu and ribbon items.

Excel 2003 TOOLS menu as it transformed to Office 2007 Excel 2007

The picture shows you how the Office 2003 TOOLS menu items transform into menu items and ribbon objects in Office 2007.

Excel 2003 TOOLS menu translated into Excel 2007

Note, a few items in the pictured menu are labeled with Not in the Ribbon (add to QAT). This label here means that you won't find these items in the ribbon. If you need this easily accessible, you have the option of placing this command to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

Excel 2003 File and Edit menus in Excel 2007?

How do items in Excel 2003 FILE menu translate to the many menus and the ribbon in Excel 2007? You can find that here: Excel 2003 FILE menu items in Excel 2007.

And, where can you find 2003 EDIT menu items in Excel 2007? This is provided here: Excel 2003 EDIT menu items in Excel 2007.

Where are other Excel 2003 menus in Excel 2007?

The translation of the VIEW menu can be found here: Excel 2003 VIEW menu items in Excel 2007.

Details about the Excel 2003 INSERT menu are here: Excel 2003 INSERT menu items in Excel 2007.

Info about the Excel 2003 DATA menu: Excel 2003 DATA menu commands in Excel 2007.

This link talks about the Excel 2003 FORMAT menu: Excel 2003 FORMAT menu commands in Excel 2007.


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