Excel 2003 FORMAT menu commands in Excel 2007

Excel 2003 FORMAT menu commands in Excel 2007

Have you been wondering where all the menu items from Excel 2003 Format menu are in Excel 2007? Microsoft Office Excel 2007 uses a ribbon tool. They did good job making many people confused.

The ribbon concept is quite different from menus and toolbars known from Office 2003. Everything is organized now in tabs that group drop-down menus, options, and icons.

Below you can find some ideas about where menu items from Excel 2003 can be found in Excel 2007.

Excel 2003 FORMAT menu as it relates to Office 2007 Excel 2007

Below you can find how the FORMAT menu from Excel 2003 translates into Excel 2007 menus and ribbon objects.

Excel 2003 FORMAT menu translated into Excel 2007

It is pretty easy in this case. Everything is in

Home -> Cells or Home -> Style

What about other menus?

You can find info about how the Excel 2003 FILE menu translates into the Excel 2007 menu items and ribbon objects here.

You can find out about how the Excel 2003 EDIT menu translates into the Excel 2007 commands here.

How do items in the Excel 2003 VIEW menu translate to the menu items and ribbon objects in Excel 2007? You can find that here: Excel 2007 menu system.

Details about the Excel 2003 INSERT menu are here: Excel 2003 INSERT menu items in Excel 2007.

Info about the Excel 2003 TOOLS menu: Excel 2003 TOOLS menu commands in Excel 2007.

This link talks about the Excel 2003 DATA menu: Excel 2003 DATA menu commands in Excel 2007.


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