Income tax rates 2013

Income tax rates 2013


Income tax rates 2013 are used to determine taxes reportable on a tax return filed in April 2013. These federal income tax rates 2013 and income tax tables 2013 provided on this page apply to taxable ordinary income earned in 2013.

Income tax rates 2013 are not yet available. Please, check back later. Tax rates for 2013 should be available in mid 2013. In case you are looking for tax rates applicable to income earned in 2011 and reportable in April 2013, see here: income tax rates 2012.

Income tax rates 2013

income tax rates 2013 While waiting for income tax tables 2013, you are welcome to take a look at our federal tax calculator, or you can also ask a question in our taxes discussion forum.

Older tax rates can be found here: federal tax rates tables 2012. Also check federal tax return and alternative minimum tax.


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