2013 federal tax rates tables

2013 federal tax rates tables

This 2013 federal tax rates page provide a listing of tax schedules and tax brackets with their corresponding tax rates. Federal tax rates for 2013 and tax tables 2013 provided on this page can be used to estimate federal tax liability related to income earned in year 2013.

Applicability of 2013 federal tax rates and tables

Federal tax rates 2013 provided on this page are applicable to income earned in year 2013. These 2013 tax tables can be used to calculate your tax due on your income earned in year 2013 and reported on your tax return filed by the tax due date in April 2014. In case you are looking for tax rates applicable to your income earned in 2012 (reported on your April 2013 tax return), please, see this page: 2012 federal tax rates tables.

Availability of federal tax rates 2013

Federal tax tables 2013 will be available later in 2013. Before the 2013 federal tax rates, tables, and brackets can be available to the general public, they need to be approved and published by the Internal Revenue Service. As soon as the Internal Revenue Service makes 2013 tax tables public, you will be able to use them as well.

How to estimate federal tax tables 2013

tax rates 2013 Although federal tax rates are established by the tax law which needs to be accepted and signed by treasury and other government bodies, and therefore official federal tax rates and tables are not known until they are approved, you can estimate federal tax rates 2013 and tables by taking the 2011 income tax tables and adjusting them with the inflation coefficient. This can be done by using the following formula:

tax bracket * annual inflation %

The result is an estimate of 2012 federal tax rates and tables.

Tax tables from previous years

You can find older tax tables here:

2012 federal tax rates
2011 federal tax rates

tax tables 2013 Also the following tax related articles might be of your interest:

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