2012 federal tax rates tables

2012 federal tax rates tables

Federal tax tables 2012 can be used to calculate income tax due on income, or more specifically federal income tax that has to be paid to the Department of the Treasury of the United States.

All income generated in the USA or from US sources needs to be reported on tax return and taxes have to be paid on that income. The 2012 tax rates and 2012 tax tables provided on this page summarize federal tax rates and tax brackets applicable to your income.

Availability of 2012 federal tax rates

2012 federal tax rates and tables will be available later in year 2012. As of now, federal tax rates 2012 have not yet been published by the IRS and are not yet available.

tax rates 2012 2012 federal tax rates schedules which will be provided on this page will be applicable to income earned in year 2012. These earnings are reported on federal income tax return that is filed in April of 2013.

In case you are looking for federal tax tables (rates, schedules) applicable to income earned in year 2011, please, visit the 2011 federal tax rates page.

Estimate of federal tax tables 2012

tax tables 2012 In case you do not want to wait until IRS published the official federal tax tables 2012, you can estimate the 2012 federal tax rates yourself. You can accomplish the estimate using the following tax rates formula:

tax bracket * annual inflation %

This formula simply means taking the 2012 income tax tables and adjusting them with the inflation coefficient. The result is an estimate of 2012 federal tax rates and tables.

For more details about federal tax rates 2012, see the federal tax calculator page. You might also be interested in more information about federal tax return and alternative minimum tax.


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