2011 IL 1040 form

2011 IL 1040 form

2011 IL 1040 form is a tax form used for calculating and reporting IL taxes for the year 2011. The 2011 IL 1040 form is alco called the Illinois Individual Income Tax Return. This form is made available for Illinois tax filers. This page provides information about the Illinois state tax form IL 1040 for 2011.

Purpose of the 2011 IL 1040 form

The IL 1040 2011 form is intended mostly for Illinois residents to report their income. The Illinois Department of Revenue which is the Illiois tax governing body requires Illinois tax residents to pay taxes on their income. This in other words means that Illinois residents are required to file an annual income tax return, and the 2011 form IL 1040 is the form that needs to be used for reporting income generated in 2011.

Who must file form 2011 IL 1040

The Illinois taxation law lists a number of categories of people who must file the 2011 form IL 1040. Most Illinois tax payers fall into the "Illinois resident" category. IL residents are required to file Form IL 1040 if they were also required to file a federal tax return. IL residents are also required to file 2011 form IL 1040 if their Illinois base income (see line 9 of the form) is more than the Illinois exemption allowance.

2011 IL 1040 form Illinois residents who worked in Kentucky, Iowa, Michigan, or Wisconsin are another category of tax filers who must file the 2011 IL 1040 form. The IL 1040 form also needs to be filed by retired Illinois residents who filed a federal return. Part-year residents and non-residents must file 2011 IL 1040 form in many cases too.

Surviving spouses, students, nonresident aliens, and representatives of a deceased taxpayer are other categories included in the requirement to file 1040 IL 2011 form. See form 2011 IL 1040 instructions for a complete listing.

When and how to file 2011 form IL 1040

Illinois state taxes are reported on form IL 1040. The deadline for submitting this form is in April 15, 2012. The 2011 IL 1040 form filing period is the same as the federal tax filing period. It is important to say that your envelope needs to be post marked with the April 15, 2011 midnight or earlier timestamp when submitting the 1040 IL 2011 form by regular mail. The IL tax calculated on your IL 1040 2011 form is due on the same day as your IL 1040 tax return.

The form IL 1040 for 2011 can be filed by paper which is the preferred way of tax reporting for many tax filers. The IL 1040 form can be submitted also electronically at the Illinois Department of Revenue web site. Filing your IL 1040 form electronically provides many advantages, such as faster refund delivery. When filing the IL 1040 form online, you can receive your refund in as little as 8-10 days.

Before completing the 2011 IL 1040 form, first you will need to complete the federal tax return. The IL 1040 form uses figures from the federal tax return. In case you need help with calculating your federal taxes, our federal tax calculator can be a great resource: tax calculator.

2011 form IL 1040 tax rate

2011 IL 1040 form Illinois residents tax their net income with a flat rate of 5%. Caution: In case you are using a tax preparation software, make sure it has been updated. The IL tax rate has been increased from year 2010 when it was 3%.

Where can I get the 2011 form IL 1040

The 2011 form IL 1040 can be obtained from the Illinois Department of Revenue website (tax.illinois.gov).

More information about the IL 1040 2011 form

Many additional details about schedules to the IL 1040 form 2011, Earned Income Credit, rounding rules, extensions to the filing period, change of address steps and other topics can be found at the 2010 IL 1040 page. More information about filing your taxes on form 2011 IL 1040 can be found also in 2011 form IL 1040 instructions.

This 2011 IL 1040 form page is provided for tax planning and informational purposes only. Never use this or any other private website to calculate or administer your final tax. Please, for your safety always refer to official guidelines, instructions, and tax documents provided directly by the Illinois Department of Revenue.


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