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LinkSys Default Password

It is very easy to forget a password in our information age as probably everyone has tons of passwords. Not wanting to remember all passwords, some people leave their home wireless routers set to the default factory settings. But even with that setting, it is easy to "forget" oneself out of a router.


Show Desktop Icon on the Quick Launch Toolbar

How to re-create or restore the Show Desktop icon on the Quick Launch toolbar?

We all know how easily icons can disappear, right? Click the mouse button by mistake while scrolling over the page not noticing we clicked it when on top of an icon, and the icon is suddenly gone.


Prime Number

A prime number (often simply called a "prime" for short) is a natural number, a positive integer where p greater 1 that has no positive integer divisors other than 1 and p itself. More precisely, it has exactly two distinct natural number divisors.


Modulo Operation

In computing, the modulo operation, sometimes also called "remainder" or "rest", gives the remainder from a division. It finds the remainder of division of one number by another.

In general, when talking about arithmetic operations, we recognize the following operations:


Fibonacci Numbers

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born in the 12th century. He is known to have discovered the "Fibonacci numbers," which are a sequence of numbers where each successive number is the sum of the two previous numbers.


Windows Media Player cannot play DVD

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer

You get this error message if you try to play a DVD on a computer with Windows Media Player that has not been upgraded to play DVDs. Your computer is missing so called DVD decoder.