Black-Scholes formula option value on-line calculator

Black-Scholes formula option value on-line calculator

The calculator below relates to the Black-Scholes model which is explained in detail on the Black-Scholes model page. You can use this calculator to find the value of a European call option using the Black-Scholes formula.

This model is subject to assumptions discussed on the Black-Scholes model assumptions page.

This Black-Scholes calculator is intended for educational purposes only. The results obtained from this calculator can not be guaranteed for accuracy and should not be used for making financial or investment decisions. If you need calculations, results, or estimates for your financial decisions, please, contact your financial advisor or a certified expert in options and derivatives valuations.

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Anything else I should know about?

The Black-Scholes model is a central theorem to option valuation and directly related to the concept of put-call parity.

The put-call parity is another fundamental concept related to option valuation.


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