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Favicon - how to create

Favicon is an acronym for favorites icon. Favicon is some times also called a website icon or urlicon. Favicon is a picture that is associated with a website. In most cases, favicon is a company logo. Favicon is the picture that visually represents a website.


Robots meta tags noindex nofollow

Robots meta tags are special species of meta tags. The robots tag tells an internet robot to perform or not perform certain operation on a page. That is, the robots meta tag can for example tell an incoming robot not to index the content of a page. The tag can also tell a robot whether is should scan the page for links to follow.



google_ad_section_start is a keyword that the Google Adsense service uses to focus on a page section. Or, more precisely, a webmaster of a web uses this keyword in the HTML code to emphasize a page section that he wants the Google crawlers to see and pay more attention to. This is called Google Ad Section.


Browser Safe Colors (Palette)

Browser Safe Colors is a term that refers to the array of colors that can be described in the computer language using only 8 bits.

In the days when 8-bit monitors were the standard, a web developer had to restrict himself or herself to only the browser safe colors in order to ensure that the colors he or she chose would appear correctly on web pages.



Tracert is a Windows based command-line tool that you can use to trace the path that an Internet Protocol (IP) packet takes from a source to its destination. Tracert will determine the path taken to the destination.



Pathping is a TCP/IP based utility that provides useful information about network latency and network loss at intermediate hops between a source address and a destination address.

It is a Windows based command-line tool is similar to the tracert tool in a sense that it traces the path that an Internet Protocol (IP) packet takes from a source to its destination.


Time to Live (TTL)

Time-to-Live (TTL) is a value in an Internet Protocol (IP) packet that tells a network router whether or not the packet has been in the network too long and should be discarded.

In other words, it specifies the number of router hops the packet is yet allowed to travel before it must be discarded or returned.


JavaScript document.write(): How to view the HTML?

How to view the html generated by Javascript document.write() command?

When you use the JavaScript document.write() code to output something to the browser, it does not give you a friendly way to debug your JavaScript. If you view source on the page, browser shows you the JavaScript code again; it does not show you what your document.write() results in.