Cheap AdWords

Cheap AdWords

Cheap AdWords are hard to find because not everyone is eager to share that secret and because the price of AdWords changes rapidly. This page called Cheap AdWords provides a few ideas about how to find cheap AdWords. There are a number of techniques that can help you to find cheap AdWords.

Why do I need cheap AdWords?

Why cheap AdWords? Well, the answer is simple, but just in case ... the cheaper AdWords you find for your web site, the cheaper it will be to drive traffic to your web site.

Cheap AdWords keywords

First, let's explain what determines the price of an AdWords keyword and why some are expensive and some cheap. Cheap AdWords are hard to come by because CPC prices (Cost per Click) are dependent upon a number of parameters such as:

  • Landing page quality,
  • Ad performance history,
  • Click Through Rate (CTR),
  • Competitors bidding,
  • and many others.

There are many factors that affect the price of an AdWords keyword and make cheap AdWords keywords hard to find. In general, the price you pay for an AdWords keyword is determined by so-called Ad score.

Ad Score = CTR x Max Bid

Cheap AdWords keywordsThe ad score is calculated as the total Click Through Rate times the maximum bid that you are willing to pay for a specific keyword. Let's compare two examples. If you have an AdWords keyword that not many people like to click, for example if you have a Click Through Rate of 3% and you are bidding $1.50 for a keyword, then your ad score will be 4.5.

Now another example. You have a keyword that people do like to click a lot, your Click Through Rate is for example 12% and you are bidding $0.50 for a the keyword. Your ad score in this case is 6. You can see that ...

...having a higher Click Through Rate can allow you to experience higher placement (= higher probability that your ad will be displayed) while spending less per click than your competitors.

Now, we will take a look at the same from the other perspective. By the way, AdSense works similarly, see here: Difference between AdSense and AdWords.

How to find cheap AdWords keywords

If you want to find cheap AdWords keywords, you need to go after those that have high Click Through Rate. This means to look for those that people want to click, but not many advertisers offer. The golden rule here is to find a niche.

Ok, enough theory about cheap AdWords keywords, now let's demonstrate something more usable.

Method to find cheap AdWords keywords

This method is very easy. The performance of this method depends on whether you test with image or text based ads, and it also depends greatly on your keywords or ad targeting.

First, make a few ad units. Image ads work usually better than text ads.

Second, create a new Google AdWords campaign.

Third, now import relevant keywords into the new adgroup. For this method to work, the more keywords you import, the better. If you can import several thousands of keywords, you should get better results.

Fourth, set your maximum bid to some very low value such as 5 cents. You can experiment with raising the bid to higher amounts later.

Fifth, save the campaign. After saving your AdWords campaign, most of your keywords will be marked as inactive because your bids are so low. But that does not matter. Going through a few iterations with your bids you will be able to narrow your search down to a group of cheap AdWords.

Cheap AdWords method number two

We already mentioned that if you want to find Cheap AdWords keywords, you need to use those that have high Click Through Rate which means:

  • People are looking for your keyword
  • There are not many advertisers that advertise with your keyword

But how do you find these? First, you can experiment with various techniques such as keyword flipping or keyword matching. Second, Google gives you two great tools: Google AdWords Traffic Estimator and Google AdWords Keyword Tool. How can these two tools help you to find cheap AdWords keywords?

Google AdWords Keyword Tool (

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool provides information about average search volume, that is how much people like your keyword. This means that if people do searches for your keyword on Google, they are likely to click on it when they see it in your ad. In addition to this, this tool also gives you information about advertiser competition for your keyword and its synonyms, that is how many folks are likely to hunt for the same cheap AdWords keywords like you.

Cheap adwords

The longer the green bar in the first column above, the more advertisers have used the keyword in their ad campaigns. You want to select those keywords that have no or little green in the bar.

The visitor popularity column shows how people like the keyword. You want a keyword with high value.

Google AdWords Traffic Estimator (

The Google AdWords Traffic Estimator tells you how much you can expect to pay for an AdWords keyword. They tell you average CPC as well as estimated clicks per day.

Cheap AdWords keywords by geography

Do not forget about one important factor. If you target your AdWords keywords to USA, Canada, and Japan, your CPC is likely going to be the highest. If you are global and do not care where your visitors come from, you can target your AdWords keywords to some other countries with lower price level.

Questions about Cheap AdWords keywords

If you need any help, feel free to ask questions in our SEO discussion forum.

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