Big Mac Index 2010

Big Mac Index 2010

The Big Mac Index 2010 compares relative price levels in selected countries in year 2010. This page provides data for the Big Mac Index 2010. You can download Big Mac Index 2010 XLS Excel spreadsheet below.

What is the Big Mac Index 2010

The exchange rate of two currencies is a relative measure of price levels in two countries. The exchange rate is not a very good measure since it exhibits great volatility due to the effects of international trade, international flow of capital, speculations, and other balance-sheet factors.

2010 Big Mac indexCompared to a currency exchange rate, the 2010 Big Mac Index is a very simple measure based on the Law of One Price principle that tends to be relatively stable in time. While other currency relative value tools such as the Purchasing Power Parity compare baskets of goods (Consumer Price Index) in each country, the Big Mac Index 2010 looks at the relative price levels in a very simple way.

The Big Mac Index 2010 looks at just one ubiquitous product sold by a single organization, the McDonalds Big Mac. You can find more detailed information about the Big Mac Index concept and how the Big Mac Index is calculated on the following page: Big Mac Index.

Big Mac Index 2010 XLS Excel

Big Mac Index 2010 values in XLS Excel spreadsheet can be downloaded here: Big Mac Index 2010 XLS. (Right click - Save Target As - save the XML file - open the XML file in Excel)

Big Mac Index 2010

The Big Mac Index 2010 has proved to be an effective measure over many years providing a simple look at significant disparities in currency fair values.

 Big Mac index 2010

The US dollar is the base point for the Big Mac Index 2010.

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